• thousands of options to make your katana or iaito unique and personal

    Due to Corona it is impossible
    to export swords from our forge.
    At this moment we will not accept
    new orders until we can ship again

  • 635,54 €

    Handforged Clay Tempered Monosteel katana with authentic hamon.Great for cutting

    635,54 €
  • 741,32 €

    Handforged Clay Tempered Folded Steel katana with authentic hamon. Great for cutting

    741,32 €
  • 1 157,02 €

    Would you like a truely unique and authentic katana? With BushiSwords you can now create one based on your preferences.Customization prices The price on the right is the price including all customizations. There are no extra costs.So how do you customize?In the table below you can tell us your preferences. Below the table you will find all options...

    1 157,02 €
  • 0,00 €

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  • Free Shipping Worldwide

    We ship your custom katana or iaito for free, worldwide!

  • Traditionally made Japanese Swords

    We make our swords by hand. They are differentially (clay) tempered in high carbon steel (even our iaito!)

  • Buy with confidence

    BushiSwords has an excellent reputation. And we want to keep it that way. When you order your custom katana or iaito, we will make sure that you are very happy with your sword.


BushiSwords are probably the best custom Japanese swords in the world.

You can now create your own custom and unique katana or iaito. When we say custom, we really mean custom. There are millions of different combinations possible in various types of high quality steel!