Custom katana (Honsanmai Folded)


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Would you like a truely unique and authentic katana? With BushiSwords you can now create one based on your preferences.

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Custom katana (Honsanmai Folded)


The Custom katana (Honsanmai Folded) is our most advanced custom katana. It features a high quality blade that is handforged in folded high carbon steel. Is has been differentially tempered using clay to create a beautiful authentic hamon (temperline). This means that we have created an edge that is very hard and a back of the blade that is softer. With this ancient technique, we make sure our BushiSwords are hard enough to face the target when cutting, but also flexible enough to handle the impact. This is what makes a Japanese sword so unique. But with this Samurai sword we go even further. We use different types of steel in a honsanmai lamination to make the strength of this katana even better.

Need assistance with your design?

We have lots of options, so it might be challenging to design your one of a kind katana. If you need advice or have any questions about what we can do for you, just ask. We can even make a design for your Samurai Sword based on your preferences. Contact us here.


Let's customize your Japanese sword

Below I will explain the options you have. I will also show you pictures. After you overviewed the options you can select what you like in the form above.


First we do the blade. Would you like a bo-hi (groove) in your blade?
You can also choose the length of your blade (26 to 29 inch).


Now we design the handle. You can choose the tsuka-ito, the wrapping around the handle.
You can also choose the way it is wrapped and the color of the rayskin (same).
You can select the right option in the form below the pictures.


Tsuka-maki (how it is wrapped)

Same (rayskin)


Next we do the fittings. This means the tsuba (hand guard with the fuchi, kashira and menuki.
You can also choose a habaki (sword collar).

Tsuba - Fuchi - Kashira - Menuki

Saya (sheath)

Finally we design the saya or sheath of your Japanese sword.
You can also choose the sageo (the knob on the saya)


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