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Let's customize your Japanese sword

Below I will explain the options you have. I will also show you pictures. After you overviewed the options you can select what you like in the form below the pictures.


First we do the blade. We can offer you 3 kinds of steel. You can select them in the form below the pictures.

  • 1095 high carbon steel - Non Folded
  • 1095 high carbon steel - Folded (1024 layers)
  • Honsanmai (3 different steels) - Folded

You may also choose if you like a bo-hi (groove) in your blade and choose the length (26 to 29 inch).


Now we design the handle. You can choose the tsuka-ito, the wrapping around the handle.
You can also choose the way it is wrapped and the color of the rayskin (same).
You can select the right option in the form below the pictures.


Tsuka-maki (how it is wrapped)

Same (rayskin)


Next we do the fittings. This means the tsuba (hand guard with the fuchi, kashira and menuki.
You can also choose a habaki (sword collar).

Tsuba - Fuchi - Kashira - Menuki

Saya (sheath)

Finally we design the saya or sheath of your Japanese sword.
You can also choose the sageo (the knob on the saya)


Product customization

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